Instructor Training


12 contact and 18 non-contact programs for teachers who want more.

Community, Mentorship, and Inspiration for yoga teachers:

Meeting as a small group once a month for 5 months, with individual homework assigned in between meetings

In-person sessions will be held the first Saturday of the month

12:30-2:30pm, beginning in April and ending in August.
Receive guidance, support, and inspiration for your teaching in this private and inclusive space.
The mentorship program is designed for those who have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification acting as a bridge to being a seasoned yoga instructor. Whether you are a newly certified teacher or have been teaching for years, you will benefit from the guidance of senior yoga teachers as you navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with teaching. Mentors provide one-on-one support to help you reach your individual teaching goals. You will receive guidance and knowledge on expanding your teaching toolbox to be well-rounded and feel confident in your skills.

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The mentorship includes:

  • 6 monthly in-person meetings (zoom options available)
  • Homework assignments tailored to your interests and needs
  • Practice teaching in session and at Flourish community classes
  • Self-study and reflection
  • Observation/assist
  • Preparation for yoga teacher auditions and resumes
  • Free referrals to yoga teaching job opportunities outside of Flourish
  • Optional add–on of a one-on-one mentor meeting with Joanna, $75


Sliding scale, $600 – $850 ($100 – $150/month)
Each session in this program may be taken individually as a stand-alone unit. Costs of the stand alone sessions are $175/session and do not include co-teaching or feedback. The monthly sessions will be themed, and you can expect posture assessments, prop exploration, lectures, and discussion woven throughout. They are designed to support your work as a teacher. Each session will include a syllabus, content, journal questions, and assignments.

You can expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours a month on assignments in between sessions. The in person sessions are true WORKshops where you will receive kind and constructive feedback about the skills you have been honing. During the mentorship you will have access to Joanna through email and phone appointments as needed.

Topics and structure include:

Creative Sequencing

Learning how to create unique and creative sequences that are also effective and smart.

Explore ways to move that feel interesting and innovative, and learn how to design sequences with poses and movements that stem from traditional yoga asana as well as nontraditional, being distinctively yours. We will learn methods to aid you in consistently developing unique and innovative sequences to keep your teaching fresh and exciting. You will also learn how creative sequences can go awry in the practical application of teaching and how to “go with the flow” and adapt. You will come away with multiple class plans you will be ready to teach.

Asana Breakdown

In this session we will explore alignment of common asanas, as well as breakdowns of advanced asanas. You will walk away with knowledge of reading postural cues of your students and how to teach to all body types.

Teaching Flow Yoga

This session pertains specifically to flow yoga. You will learn the principles of sequencing flow and how to slow it down for gentle yoga, and speed it up for power yoga. This will have strong elements of safety, alignment, and modifications/alterations for asanas for all levels of yogis from beginners to advanced. We will further discuss teaching to special populations such as injuries and pregnancy.

Cueing and Language in Yoga

This session explores the use of mindful and effective language for teaching yoga. We will explore unique and authentic ways to cue postures, transitions, and meditations in yoga that clearly and concisely communicate your intent. You will walk away with the knowledge of how to use language for cultural sensitivity and be trauma-informed, so that your classes feel welcoming and safe to all future students. We will further discuss how to let you shine through in your teaching. We will also explore mirroring, demoing, and vocal guiding.

Business of Yoga

In this session we will tailor the content to your unique needs. Topics may include but are not limited to: how to prepare for and teach auditions, studio politics, yoga teaching certifications, writing your yoga resume, getting started with teaching after graduation, how to be an independent yoga teacher, understanding contractor versus employee and taxes, creating a brand for your teaching, and identifying and evaluating yoga teaching opportunities.

Teaching Sequenced Hot Yoga

Post-Certificate Practice Teaching

After the final session, you will teach a class either in-person in the studio or online. We will give you detailed feedback from the class. We will discuss sequencing, creativity, tone of voice and cues, the effectiveness of your music, holding a space, verbal and/or physical adjustments performed and the ability to adapt the class to the students present, in terms of injuries or limitations. You will take into account everything you have learned and will receive feedback and
personalized guidance.

Requirements to earn the mentorship certification are:

  • Attend all 6 in-person sessions
  • Complete all homework and self-study assignments
  • Practice asana practice twice per week, at Flo or anywhere else (another studio or
  • Co-teach at least one community yoga class offered at Flourish
  • Practice teaching by video taping a class you teach and getting feedback
  • An optional monthly unlimited pass to Flourish is available for an additional $100/month
    ($20/month discount)

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